If You Think Celebration In Baseball Is Bad, Then Shut Up

We get it. You hate fun.

It’s very natural and human to celebrate doing something well, especially in sports. Celebration dances in the NFL were great until Roger “Adolf” Goodell decided to get involved. Soccer allows a full several minutes worth of dancing after a goal. The NBA hasn’t cracked down on celebrating after a nice run or a game winning shot. 

For some reason, baseball fans like to pretend they’re better than everyone else because their players don’t express emotion when they succeed. If they do, they’re told to “act like you’ve been there before”, or “act like an adult” as though adults never express joy. 

There are plenty of fans who love watching guys show emotion during the game which they’ve devoted a significant portion of their life to perfecting. Particularly younger fans would love to see more outbursts, fights, attitude, and swagger. It’s dull to watch a hunch of guys going through the motions of playing without any heart or passion. Playing baseball isn’t meant to look like a Bill Belichick press conference; it’s a game. 

So if you think people shouldn’t show emotion or express anything during games, shut up. Don’t start getting on the Sox outfielders’ case for the “win, dance, repeat” gatherings after wins. Don’t get on your high horse every time the benches clear after an argument or a HBP. Especially dont complain when players fight- those are some of the most memorable things about some of the best rivalries (like the great Sox-Yankees fights of 2003-04). Let them play ball and react to what happens with all the passion that they have for the game.


Author: @saltypatsfan

Just a regular Boston sports fan. Patriots first, Sox second, Celtics third.

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