Would You Take A Picture With Roger Goodell?

This has been a topic for the last several days. A bunch of Pats fans got photographed with Roger Goodell in a borderline guerilla attack, and suddenly everyone is up in arms. Dale and Holly with Keefe on WEEI couldn’t stop talking about it. 

So it opened up the quesrion: would you take a photo with Roger if you were asked? Plenty of people had opinions. Here’s mine:

I would do it conditionally. If I were paid, or given some sort of merchandise for it, I’d do it (but I wouldn’t smile). I would do it for the chance to make some sort of face or gesture to show my displeasure for the man who tried to screw the Patriots for two years. I would never do it just to take a photo with a famous person or because I like football, nor do I think people should “get over it”. What Goodell did was wrong, and a blatant middle finger to Pats fans. He now finally has the gall to show up in Foxboro, and I hope they give him the welcome he deserves. 


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The Espys

God, I hate the Espys. ESPN’s chance to circle jerk themselves and their shows, and to promote their biggest media markets and adopted favorite superstars. All the glamour of the Oscars, with about a billionth of the audience. The only good part of the Espys is raising money for cancer research, so I can’t say it’s all bad. And I encourage anyone who watches that snooze fest to please stop promoting this crap and let the ratings plummet to where they should be: the same as Jemele Hill’s in Boston.