What’s Going On- Part 2

Here we go again!

In my second round of unexpected events, we return to the Pablo Sandoval saga. He is of course back with the Giants, called up to replace a guy named Belt (because God loves irony). He has 2 hits in 7 at bats now, which is better than his stats in Boston already. But Pablo isn’t the focus here.

The story is Barstool’s Boston super fan Jared Carrabis’s fans throwing down the gauntlet with the most expected of opponents: Smash Mouth. The band. The Shrektacular band apparently loves the guy, probably because he actually gave a shit when he was in San Francisco back in 2014, while Carrabis followers took up the banner of Boston and attacked his lethargy. The band seems to think that it’s cool that he openly gave up after getting a big payday. Carrabis, for his part, didn’t want to get into it with Smash a mouth, despite the potential for a throwdown of the ages. 

Personally, I like Smash Mouth. They have some fun songs, and I liked All Star a lot even before seeing Shrek and before it became a meme. Carrabis, on the other hand, is one of the best baseball writers in the business, and his Sox coverage is far more entertaining than anything ESPN or even NESN ever produces. In a battle of baseball wit, Carrabis would certainly have the edge, especially given that the subject is Sandoval’s performance.

However he performs in San Francisco, Boston fans will never forgive him for taking so much money and mailing it in. Such unprofessional behavior is indicative of an issue with accountability in baseball: once they get paid, it doesn’t matter how they play. Is it time to change the CBA? Should teams be protected from players who openly and blatantly take huge deals and then decide not to even try to earn it? Should MLB contracts be structured more like NFL contracts, with only some guaranteed money so the player actually has to play well?


Goodbye Pablo

Thank the Lord. Either God or Dave Dombrowski must have read my post from a few days ago, and I’ll definitely take credit for this move. Sandoval is designated for assignment. 161 games was all it took, in a 5 year $95 million deal. That’s downright pathetic. He averaged out to a home run every 12 games or so, which would be manageable if he was in the lineup hitting better than .237. I could have played better defense than he did. 

Let this be a warning to the Sox. Youre much better off developing your prospects and trading for top tier talent than signing big blockbuster deals on players that are either only above average in the postseason, or dumped and publicly disavowed by their former team. Or, even better, someone who hasn’t played professionally and you have no idea how good they actually are (in case they thought I forgot Rusney Castillo happened). Stop putting the business of trying to attract fans ahead of fielding a team that will win- if they win, people will pay to see them play!