Preseason Predictions 7: The NFC South

Another unpredictable division is the NFC South. Here we go:

1. Buccaneers: 9-12 wins

Tampa Bay has the talent to win the division, and Jameis Winston could pull it off this year. They should continue to improve and have a huge impact on the NFC.

2. Falcons: 7-11 wins

Atlanta could have a but of a hangover year after their monumental collapse in the Super Bowl last year. Or they could come out for revenge. Who knows?

3. Panthers: 7-10 wins

Can Newton needs to bounce back. They’ve lost a good chunk of their 2015 postseason team, but Carolina should be competitive for a wild card spot if Newton plays consistently.

4. Saints: 6-9 wins

If they had a defense, they’d be golden. Drew Brees is one of the best passers ever, but he can only carry the team so far. 


Preseason Predictions 6: The NFC North

The NFC North features some of the oldest franchises in the league, including the original Super Bowl winner. Here’s round 6:

1. Packers: 11-14 wins

Green Bay sometimes gets off to a slow start, but when they get rolling they can be absolutely deadly. Aaron Rodgers is pretty much good for 10 wins on his own.

2. Lions: 8-11 wins

Detroit has performed surprisingly well recently. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small decline, but at the same time 11 wins is a very achievable goal.

3. Vikings: 6-9 wins

Minnesota’s offense is a huge question mark on the 2017 season, especially at quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater returning at some point. I hope they make a run for the playoffs but it seems very unlikely.
4. Bears: 1-5 wins

Oh boy. This team is a hot mess. We’ll see how the rookies perform, but having high hopes for Da Bears is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Preseason Predictions 5: The NFC East

Here we go. Time for the NFC, starting with the most unpredictable division in football.

1. Giants: 10-12 wins

The Giants have been steadily improving for several years now, and I think this is the year they move into first. How long that lasts, who knows.

2. Cowboys: 9-12 wins

Dallas has a lot if question marks. A lot. Particularly around sophomore seasons for Prescott and Elliot. But they should be good, and could easily take first place again over NY.

3. Redskins: 7-9 wins

The Redskins could end up surprising me either way here. I could see them winning more or fewer games than I predict the range will be. Their offense is going through a big change, so the bulk of the uncertainty rests on quarterback Kirk Cousins.

4. Eagles: 5-9 

I think it would be really cool for Philly to upset everyone and take the division, but I don’t see that being much of a possibility. They do have hope for the next few seasons if they draft well, though.

Preseason Predictions 4: The AFC West

Round 4, the last of the AFC: the AFC West.

1. Raiders: 11-13 wins

Oakland should win the division this year, if Carr stays healthy. Their defense is going to improve, and their offense is much better than the rest of the division.

2. Chiefs: 11-13 wins

Kansas City has the defense to get them to the postseason, but their offense is a big question. Last year they managed to win the division, but I think this year it’ll be a wild card berth.

3. Broncos: 7-10 wins

They have a fantastic defense, but they were one of the worst quarterbacking teams in the league last year. Denver must get consistent performance from their offense to contend for a wild card berth.

4. Chargers: 5-8 wins

Los Angeles’s newest team has potential for growth, but they probably won’t make it very far. Losing to Cleveland last year doesn’t boost my confidence in them.

Preseason Predictions 3: The AFC South

Round 3: the worst division in the NFL the last few years. This could be a positive year for a few different teams in the division, as young players grow.

1. Titans: 9-11 wins

Tennessee has been steadily improving, fairly rapidly as of late, since drafting Mariota. This could be the year they get into the postseason.

2. Texans: 8-11 wins

Houston has been hovering at around 9 wins, carried by solid defensive play. JJ Watt’s Hurricane Harvey relief fundraising has won over a lot of people (including me) as well. I think they’ll be contenders for at least the wild card, and could hold off the Titans if their quarterback play improves.

3. Colts: 6-9 wins

Oy. Andrew Luck has so much potential, if the front office could just give him a damn offensive line, and half a defense.

4. Jaguars: 2-5 wins

Jacksonville will be lucky to win 4 games. I don’t think they’ll be out of the top 5 in the draft next year.

Preseason Predictions 2: The AFC North

Another round of predictions, this time perhaps the grittiest division in football: the AFC North.

1. Steelers: 10-12 wins

Pittsburgh should win the division. They have the deepest team and the best top-level talent. They could contend for the top seed in the AFC if they manage to win their division matchups.

2. Bengals: 7-10 wins

This is a bit of a crapshoot. Cincinnati could end up surprising everyone and contending with Pittsburgh, but theyre more likely to win around 8 games, especially given Burfict’s suspension.

3. Ravens: 6-9 wins

Injury problems at quarterback never help a team’s record. Baltimore seems to be in a bit of a rut since losing to New England back in the 2014-15 playoffs.

4. Browns: 4- wins

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Cleeveland is lucky the NFL doesn’t relegate teams.

Preseason Predictions 1: The AFC East

I’m going to give predictions for each division in the 2017 NFL season. I’ll start with the most important one: the AFC East. 

1. Patriots (12+ wins)

The Pats are definitely winning the division, even with the loss of their most important offensive weapon. 

2. Bills (6-9 wins)

Buffalo could pull off 9 wins, but I think it’s more likely they’ll end up with 7 or 8. The AFC West will be tough opponents. Their playoff streak (or rather, lack of playoff streak) will continue.

3. Dolphins (6-8 wins)

Miami will end up losing to the Bills at least once, and Buffalo will get the tiebreaker. Jay Cutler isn’t going to set the world on fire.

4. Jets (3- wins)

My #boldprediction for this year is that the Jets will have the number 1 pick in the NFL draft in 2018. They’re going to be absolutely abysmal.