Random Drug Tests

I see this every damn time someone hits multiple home runs in a game (congrats, JD Martinez). Everyone complains about how they’ll get “random” drug tests, and it’s clearly not “random”. It happens every 4/20 too.

Here’s the answer: it isn’t meant to be random. “Random” only applies to the player. The MLB (and NFL, and NBA, etc.) Have the authority to do it *randomly (I.e. at their discretion, without warning the player in advance) as a way of potentially catching a player in the act of cheating. It’s to deter people from cheating. It isn’t random for both sides because there would be no practical benefit for that.


Bud Selig Is In The Hall Of Fame

That’s right. Former commissioner Bud Selig was inaugurated to the Hall of Fame this weekend. Cooperstown now enshrines the zombie-looking steroid enabler who singlehandedly almost killed baseball.

Selig’s career as owner of the Brewers would have been a solid contribution to the MLB. He bought the bankrupt Seattle Pilots and moved them to Milwaukee, winning the 1982 World Series. But then he became commissioner in 1992 (technically just acting commissioner before it became official in 1998), and instituted some positive changes to the MLB like the wild card playoff games. But he also failed to prevent the 1904 union strike that actually canceled the World Series, the only time that happened since 1994. Later on he became embattled with legal issues and had to settle different cases with Montreal and Minnesota. He also instituted the dumbest idea ever for the all star game: making it count for home field advantage for the winning league. He’s shown the proclivity towards unfair treatment in favor of the Brewers for his whole tenure. screwing the Astros and Twins out of home games and market shares.

But the real issue with this old fart is the steroid era. He oversaw the use of performance enhancing drugs that cheapened an entire era of the sport and invalidated the accomolishments of some of the best hitters in the sport’s history. He failed to stop the issue, and in fact made it worse when he testified that he didn’t know anything about as far back as 1998 it in 2005. Then in 2006, he claimed that he was instrumental in implementing PED testing in 1994. Sounds like fake news to me. He also allowed the Mitchell report to be leaked, which ruined the reputation of dozens of players in a supposedly-secret test, even though several players didn’t even test positive.
Selig is essentially the enabler and leader if the steroid era of baseball. Players linked to steroids have almost unanimously been denied entry into the Hall of Fame, though some of them have received increased support. If Selig is allowed into the Hall, then the players who participated in the scandal that he actively ignored and completely failed to stop or minimize should not be barred from entry.